Work from Home Playlists from Your Favourite Music Streaming Subscriptions

With so many more of us having to work from home, all we can do is try to make the best of it. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite playlists to keep you going while you make money from home. These playlists will keep your mind focused on the rhythms and who knows, maybe you’ll actually get some work done, too. 

Work from Home Playlists on Apple Music

  • In My Room — It sounds a bit more sombre than it really is. This playlist is perfect for when you want some time alone to get your thoughts out uninterrupted. 
  • Piano Chill — Build your business while listening to lush piano melodies. It’s bliss in a playlist. 

Work From Home Playlists on Spotify

  • Feel Good Indie Rock — The name says it all. No bad vibes on this playlist, just fun music to keep you calm and motivated. 
  • Coffeehouse Music — Make your home office desk feel like your favourite local coffee shop. Brew yourself a cup and zone out to timeless jams. 

Work From Home Playlists on Tidal

  • Chill Pop — We know you’re supposed to be working and not dancing, but this is more laid back pop music. It’s the kind you can listen to without really listening to. No judgement if you move your shoulders a little bit while working away on your laptop. 
  • Pop Acoustic — We want to keep you in a good mood, so here’s another mellow pop playlist. The acoustic feel means you won’t feel disrupted while you’re working, even if you hear some familiar melodies.