Women mean business. Let’s #BalanceforBetter in the workplace

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Women in Business

Over 50% of Canada is female. The diversity and resilience of the world’s many cultures is reflected in our population. At Ownr, we feel it’s important to advance the dreams and aspirations of our diverse people. Business solutions must be designed to level the playing field for both genders, and every community. We believe a gender-balanced economy fosters innovation that’s responsive to all needs.

While we have been focused on making it easy for any entrepreneur to start a business, Ownr is also committed to eliminating the many barriers that stall the entrepreneurial ambitions of women. In fact, the headlining conversation this International Women’s Day is pushing for gender balance in the workplace and in business.

With the impetus gained from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the world now expects balance. And that’s why, this year, the call for action is to #BalanceforBetter. The global campaign makes a compelling argument – Balance is not a women’s issue. Balance is a business issue.

Every March 8th, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It’s a day to re-energize our efforts for gender parity. Successful economies and thriving communities are built by both genders.

Women with access to education and resources, who don’t face bias at work, and enjoy equal representation in places of power, become instruments of change. When women do better, everybody does better. That’s the essence behind this year’s #BalanceforBetter focus.