What Is JetSurf Toronto Up To? Advice From An Early Ownr Customer

2 minute read

In celebration of Ownr’s 2nd birthday, we touched base with some early customers to see how they are doing as seasoned entrepreneurs. We wanted to share our chat with Mark, because of his courage to share learnings and mistakes alongside his success. We hope it will benefit you as you prepare and launch your business. 

Have you ever surfed on a calm lake? With a motorized surfboard from Mark’s business, JETSURF Toronto you can! We featured his story nearly two years ago. He’s still the same guy who believes ‘Don’t work for the man. Be the man!’, except that he’s now more experienced at running a business, and is at a critical stage to scale his business.  

How’s your business doing and what’s to come? 

Mark: My business has expanded greatly. When we started, we only distributed to parts of Canada and now we service customers nationally. The number of our products has doubled. We are introducing a few new lines and neat accessories next year, including electric boards in addition to the current suite of gas-fueled boards.

Have your biggest challenges changed overtime?  

Mark: I still have the same challenges of short summer seasons and balancing my time, while there are more things to juggle as the business grows. However, we’ve gotten into a good groove with the seasonality. For example, during the winter seasons, we undergo training and visit facilities to upgrade everyone’s knowledge and prepare for peak time.