Why You Should Use Ownr to Register Your Sole Proprietorship in Ontario

2 minute read

Congratulations, you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur! If sole proprietorship is the right type for your business at the moment, the next step is to identify the best option to make your business official and get you closer to your dreams.

Ownr has helped register over 80,000 businesses in Canada. We’ve made the process of registering your sole proprietorship as easy and affordable as possible. And while it’s possible to register your business directly with the government, there are advantages to using Ownr when you consider the cost, effort and additional values.

Advantages of registering a sole proprietorship with Ownr

There are two main advantages of registering your business with Ownr rather than with the government.

  1. Much easier — This is a big moment for you, and you want everything to go right, but you also want it quick and easy. Ownr keeps it really easy for you:
    • You don’t need legal knowledge or research prior to registration.
    • You can register a business in minutes with Ownr. Simply follow the step-by-step instruction and it’s that intuitive.
  2. More bang for your buck — With Ownr’s registration, you get unlimited free name searches (which you’ll need to pay separately if you register with the government directly), discounts and perks for other business services with Ownr partners.  Plus, if you open an RBC business bank account after registering your sole proprietorship with Ownr, your registration fee will be fully refunded*. That means it could end up costing you nothing to register your business!

Now let’s take a look at the details.

Comparison of the cost and effort of registering sole proprietorship in Ontario