How The Sage Soap Company’s Carly Klassen Turned Her Daily Health Routine Into a Sud-cessful Business

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An illustration with two bars of soap in the middle of a floral background

“Who do you want to be? What makes you feel good?” That’s the question Carly Klassen asked herself when she returned to Canada from Europe after working as a sports marketing executive for seven years.

With long hours and late nights on the job, she fell sick for half a year. Always on the go, she was failing to take care of her mental and physical health. “I burnt myself out pretty hard. Overall, I wasn’t feeling well,” she says.

Returning home to Guelph, Ontario, Carly’s wellness recovery journey began with taking more baths. Soon, it became part of a daily health routine. However, while she was interested in finding naturally locally-made bath bombs, she couldn’t find any. So she turned to the internet to create her own. “I ended up making my own i