The key role of cloud accounting software & accountants in your business

4 minute read

In this second instalment of a two-part series on managing business finances, we discuss how cloud accounting software and professional accountants help you run your business, and grow it too. Part One can be found here.

Ava’s bakery is a neighbourhood-favourite. She enjoys the daily rush of customers and developing new recipes for them. But as her business grows, she struggles to keep her finances in order. She knows she needs help to balance her books, and stay on top of payments.

Ava’s dilemma is that of many business owners, contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They want to keep their revenue and expenses up-to-date, but can’t decide what’s right for them – doing it yourself (DIY) with online accounting software or hiring a professional? The truth is, you can’t choose one over the other. The two are synergistic, and are likely both required at different points in time to run your business smoothly.