The Best Businesses To Start in Alberta

Apr 13, 2021
7 minute read

Starting a business by yourself is no easy feat. Depending on where you live in Canada, some new business ventures might do better than others.

In Alberta, small business owners have an advantage, as they are currently eligible to receive business and industry support, including business capital and investing resources, information on corporate tax incentives or rebates, and support with everything you need for starting a business in Alberta, including how to apply for a business license, how to register or incorporate your business, employee training programs, and even how to change or cancel a business name.

Is starting a business in Alberta right for you?

It takes a certain type of person to start a business. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to put in the work to bring your business idea to life, your business plan could be a major success in Alberta and across North America.

Heavily influenced by the industrial sector, the province of Alberta is great for launching your small business plan, as it’s growing at a rapid rate. Alberta also offers small and medium enterprise re-launch grants, which are funding for small- and medium-sized businesses, co-ops and non-profits impacted by COVID-19 to offset a portion of their costs.

10 of the best business ideas to start in Alberta

With significantly lower tax rates than the rest of Canada, entrepreneurs have an advantage when starting a small business in Canada.

Here are 10 bu