Success Story: Smoothie Sidekick

2 minute read

Smoothie Sidekick is a single serving nutritional boost for homemade smoothies. Each packet has ingredients that target a specific health goal and makes adding more nutrients to your diet simple and convenient. In this interview with Ownr, Claudia Bialek, Founder of Smoothie Sidekick shares her story, and how her business is making the world a healthier place, one sidekick at a time.

Introduce us to Smoothie Sidekick.

Claudia: Smoothie Sidekick is a single serving nutritional boost for your homemade smoothies. Each packet has specific ingredients that target a particular goal; whether that is increasing your protein intake, fibre or energy. It is a convenient and easy way for individuals to add more nutritional foods into their diets.

Tell us about how you decided to start your business.

Claudia: It wasn’t so much a decision to become a business owner, as it was a solution to a problem I was having. I am one of those people that skip breakfast because I never wake up early enough to make time for it.  However, if I did have time for anything, it was a smoothie that I would make to drink on my way to work. I’ve always added a lot of ingredients into my smoothies to boost the nutrition and it was a tedious process. So initially, I was making my own makeshift Smoothie Sidekicks in Ziploc bags.