Success Story: Sarah Stockdale, a Growth Hacking Consultant

Published On: Jan 15, 2021 | Read time: 3 min | Updated On: Jan 5, 2023 |

In this Ownr Success Story, we caught up with Sarah Stockdale, a Toronto-based entrepreneur, growth hacker, marketer and startup technology consultant in her trendy east-end office space. We learned about her growth consulting company, Valkerie, and what led her to start her own business.

Who is Sarah Stockdale?

Sarah has been working in early and mid-stage startup growth for 8 years. After completing her Master’s in Professional Communication in Ryerson, she was headed towards a career in Public Relations until an opportunity to work for an early stage startup was presented to her.

She started as a foundational team member of Wave, the innovative Toronto-based accounting software company. Since then, she’s been working in startup growth most recently at Tilt, which sold to AirBnB in early 2017. Following the sale, she decided to stay in Toronto and turn her side project into her full-time gig!

Starting a Growth Consulting Business in Ontario

In March 2017, Sarah started her own growth consulting business. For the past year and a half, she has been advising startups in Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco on growth strategy, planning and hiring.

Why Sarah Loves Being an Entrepreneur

What may be the coolest part of her business is how close she becomes to her clients.

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“I embed myself within one growth team every quarter and I get to work very closely with that company. It’s really fun and I get to work on a lot of different projects.”

She helps clients recruit experienced talent, develop digital marketing plans and grow their user base through activation and retention strategies, all while finding time to speak at events highlighting women in technology.

Most recently, she spoke to a packed house at Creative Mornings Toronto on the theme of ‘Community’.

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The Challenge of Registering a New Business

As the principal of a new consulting company, Sarah knew she had to incorporate her business in Canada. She looked to incorporate using traditional legal services through a lawyer.

“All of my conversations with lawyers sounded like I was going to get hit with hidden fees. Even though this was a straightforward incorporation, I couldn’t get a fixed price.”

Sarah was informed that contingencies, although unlikely, could arise, which would incre