Side Hustle Real Talk: Time management, burnout signs, and real solutions

2 minute read

When you make money spending time doing something you love, the hours may seem to just fly by. Yet between all of your obligations — your full-time job, family, and maybe even school — it may seem tough to find time to dedicate to your side hustle. Use these time management tips to organize your days and manage your 9-5 responsibilities, while maximizing your side gig’s potential.

Watch for common pitfalls

  1. Waning Motivation. Watch for signs that you’re losing motivation. If your business no longer excites you, you’d rather sleep than work, or you’re dreading another side gig work session, you could be losing steam. Proactively prevent low motivation by setting goals early on. Then post your goals in visible places like your fridge or bathroom mirror, or make your main goal your smartphone or laptop password — for example, “5newclientsby2018”. These visible reminders can keep you going when times get tough (because they will).
  2. Lack of Support. Are your friends and family bored of hearing about your side gig? If their lack of support gets you down, try networking with others who share your passion for running a side business. Networking with like-minded peers could help keep you motivated. And more experienced business owners may share valuable advice that to save time and money as you launch your own side hustle.
  3. Doing too much. Launching and running a business is a grind. Don’t try to tackle all the things yo