Ownr Success Story: Ruru Baked, an Ice Cream Business

4 minute read
An collage featuring an ice cream cone and two scoops

It’s a Monday morning for Luanne Ronquillo. She gets up around 6:45 a.m to Ozwyn and Wigmund, her two little pups eagerly wagging their tails for pets. For Ronquillo, dawn is a time for tranquillity––a time for family and reflection before she starts her weekly grind at Ruru Baked, the ice cream shop that took Toronto by storm over the past few years.

Started in 2016, Ruru Baked has sold close to 60,000 pints in five years. In 2021, Ruru Baked hit another huge milestone: opening their first brick and mortar shop in the city, at Bloor and Landsdowne. Finding success after a few years, she recognizes there were bumps along the way, but has no regrets, especially when reflecting on its humble beginnings.