How to Respond to Customers While Your Business is Temporarily Closed

Published On: May 27, 2020 | Read time: 5 min | Updated On: Aug 26, 2021 |

Businesses around the world continue to face challenges due to the significant impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). These unprecedented times have resulted in pivots to business models, temporary closures, and even permanent shutdowns. These new changes are likely financially disrupting your business, but with proper communication, you can ensure the continued support of your customers now and when your business reopens.

3 ways to address your customers during a pandemic

With a crisis as impactful as COVID-19, it is important that your business addresses the situation quickly and proactively communicates with its customers. Depending on your situation, you may need to announce reduced hours, store closures, or communicate how your customers can still support you during these uncertain times. Here are some things you should consider when addressing the impact of COVID-19 and what it means for your business and customers.

1. Show That You Care

Consumers are currently being bombarded with news regarding COVID-19, so it is important that the information you provide is relevant, clear, and thoughtful. The care and compassion you show will demonstrate how you prioritize the health and safety of your customers and employees over sales. This, in turn, will make you look more credible and trustworthy.

2. Explain How Your Business is Changing

Share the steps your business is taking in light of the situation. If you’re temporarily closing your business, you