Ownr Spotlight: STARTA

Jul 24, 2020
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STARTA is a brand whose mission is to help young, business-minded Canadian entrepreneurs to build and grow their online brand or business using mostly online tools. Beyond that, it aims to provide innovative and valuable education to anyone with an internet connection. Check out this interview with Founder, Jordan Taylor where he shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he plans to revolutionize business education for young people.

Jordan, give us some background on yourself and how you got started as an entrepreneur.

I was always into digital content creation – making music, videos, etc. I’ve been into it since I was a kid, and really started honing that craft in college. Then I did the whole school thing, and I did learn some things there, but it wasn’t until I really started to harness the power of tutorials on the internet that I really started to learn. And also, not to mention actually making content. I find people can learn a lot from doing! In terms of entrepreneurship, I really started getting into it in 2018 when I took an online course about entrepreneurship and content marketing – it really changed my life!

Tell us about STARTA and how you are helping entrepreneurs.

STARTA is really a vision that I have – one that will help the leaders and business owners of the future. It is evolving as a company, and it has a multi step plan to revolutionize the way we think about education, specifically around what to teach our young people. Right now, we are in the phase of focusing on how to leverage the online business industry, using content marketing and digital products/services to build a lifestyle. We will evolve from there – big plans!

What has been your inspiration behind becoming an entrepreneur?

I know my parents both had the entrepreneurial spirit in them – my dad had his own marketing business when he was in college, and my mom has always loved paving her own path. So there’s definitely a lot of inspiration there. I also have to credit Kong from Jumpcut to waking my brain up to the power of online entrepreneurship specifically. I learn a lot from Graham Cochrane as well – he’s one of my biggest inspirations. He also taught me a lot of what I know about audio content creation (music production, mixing, mastering, etc.) 

What are some key learnings you’ve taken from starting a business?

I’ve learned you definitely need to do your research before you start, and have some kind of strategy – just to make your life easier when you’re deciding what to actually do in your business. That being said, I’ve also learned that “done is better than perfect”. I truly believe that it’s so easy to get caught up in the research stage, that we put off actually starting our businesses until we have everything set up ever so perfectly. It’s vital that we become comfortable with being uncomfortable, because that’s where we learn the most valuable lessons. You definitely want to have a strategy, but once you have something, go out and do it! Learning will happen as you take action too.

The most rewarding aspect of doing what you do everyday is…

For me, the best thing about having the kind of business that I do is being able to help people build something for themselves. It’s very gratifying for me. I really do love thinking of different strategies that others can use to build and grow their business online. And when I see it work for them, it’s honestly an exhilarating feeling.

Any future plans for STARTA that you’d like to share?

I have big plans for STARTA – I’m really looking forward to partnering with other experts to be able to provide even more valuable, actionable education in an ecosystem that’s optimized for today’s digital era!

Finally, any advice you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My biggest piece of advice would be to take action on your ideas! Put your killer strategy together, then execute! I mean, what good is aiming for perfection if you don’t shoot?

Where can people learn more about STARTA?

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