How Little Paws Inn reimagined pet daycare

3 minute read

Watching tv on the couch, snuggling in bed, taking long walks, and plenty of playtime – we’re talking about Edmonton’s coolest place for furry friends to hang out – Little Paws Inn. Modelled on the mission to give your pet ‘a home away from home’, Little Paws Inn is a daycare, grooming, and boarding facility for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Morgan Wolf, the owner of Little Paws Inn opens up about rethinking the conventional kennel daycare and the anxieties of building a business with no experience.

Q 1: What inspired you to start Little Paws Inn?

After university, my peers were chasing their dreams, and I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I ended up working as a letter carrier for Canada Post for ten years. I also took up other jobs, and would spend over 14 hours a day at work. My three dogs and two cats needed attention, and I couldn’t trust any daycare to take care of them the way I would. My pets wouldn’t thrive in a kennel. I realized if I felt this way, other pet owners also did.

Q 2: How is Little Paws Inn different from other pet daycare facilities?

Little Paws Inn offers an open-concept, cage-free environment for our guests. We don’t keep our furry friends in kennels, and they get a lot of human interaction and exercise throughout their stay.

I had initially launched the daycare at my house, and my customers had loved the assurance of leaving their pets in a home with somebody always around. I recreated that environment in a larger space with Little Paws Inn. Pets are free to roam, socialize, and nap at their leisure. Our overnight