Ownr Survey: Most Entrepreneurs Wish They Started Their Business Earlier

3 minute read

In our entrepreneurship surveys, we set out to learn more about Canadian small business owners. We ask questions about their goals, frustrations, and most recently, their motivations—and what we found out was surprising.

Our data shows that entrepreneurship can be attainable at any point in Canadians’ lives, regardless of professional background or educational experience. In our current landscape of economic uncertainty, especially emerging from pandemic restrictions, it seems the passion of Canadian entrepreneurs is as strong and resilient as ever. We also found that the lure of taking charge of your own future, whether it starts at childhood or after years in the workforce, remains a driving force behind the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit—in fact, an overwhelming majority said they wish they started their own business earlier. 

Well, there’s no time like the present, so let’s dive into the survey results:

Key highlights:

  • 45.9 per cent of respondents held a corporate job before starting their own business
    • 16 per cent of respondents were shift workers, 8.8 per cent were unemployed
  • Just over half (51.1%) of entrepreneurs went to school related to their current business and 46.3 per cent did not
  • 51 per cent are more optimistic about their business plans now than compared to six months ago