Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Oct 6, 2021
5 minute read
Serious young manager working on an instagram business account in comfortable street cafe

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important to have a professional social media presence where you can build your brand recognition and connect with potential customers. The default option when creating an Instagram account is a personal profile. But when you create an Instagram business profile, you get access to all kinds of helpful tools and features to help grow your business. 

Whether you’re already a small business owner or you’re considering starting a new business, here’s everything you need to know about why you should switch to a business profile on Instagram. 

What’s the difference between a personal profile and an Instagram business profile?

Maybe you’re thinking about creating a business profile on Instagram, but you’re not sure exactly what the difference is or why it’s worth making the switch. Having an Instagram business account gives you access to all kinds of features that are specifically designed to help you grow your business. Just like a personal account, an Instagram business account is free and easy to set up. 

Instagram business profile features

Having a business account will allow you to access features like linking your products in your posts and stories, which can help to convert your Instagram followers into paying customers. You’ll also be able to use Instagram’s analytics to find out how your posts are performing with your audience so that you can adjust your marketing strategy as needed. A business Instagram account also lets you list important information about your business on your profile, such as email address, phone number, website, physical location, and operating hours. 

We’ll get into the details of these features and more below. 

7 reasons to switch to an Instagram business profile

Let’s dive deeper into seven reasons why an Instagram business account can benefit your brand.

1. Appear more professional

When you’re running a business on Instagram, it’s important that visitors can immediately identify exactly what you sell and how they can purchase from you. After all, a social media profile can only lead to sales if it’s easy for consumers to make a purchase. This means sharing information about how to get in touch, using calls to action to encourage followers to engage, and linking to where someone can buy your products or services.

According to statistics, 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. It’s a competitive market, so you need to make the effort to create a strong, recognizable brand identity that’s reinforced by the aesthetic of your Instagram feed. Make sure you’re using high-quality photos and paying attention to how your profile will look as a whole.

2. Access to Instagram insights

One of the major benefits to using an Instagram business account is you’ll gain access to business analytics tools. Instagram uses real-time data from your account to determine what kind of content works with your audience. These insights can help you adjust the type of content you post, so that your marketing strategy is more efficient at reaching your target audience. 

With a business account, you’ll be able to look at insights for each individual post or story created, as well as a more general overview of your audience insights. Account insights are broken down into three categories: content reach, content interactions, and total followers. Here is a brief explanation of the information included in each of these categories.

  • Content reach—Learn how many times your posts are seen and how many profile visits, website clicks, and other activities your posts received. You’ll also be able to see which posts, IGTV videos, and Instagram stories performed best.
  • Content interactions—See how many likes, comments, saves, and shares your posts received over a set period.
  • Total followers—These insights show your overall follower growth as well as how many follows and unfollows you got in that time frame. There’s also a graph to give you a more visual understanding of your progress. You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of where your followers are located, their age group, and gender, so you can effectively create content that speaks to your