Pixel Paper Hearts: How to Run a Business with Kids at Home

3 minute read
An illustration of two hands opening a valentine's day card

How do you run a business with two kids at home during a pandemic? This is the hurdle mom-trepreneur Charisse de Leon learned to face head-on as COVID-19 continues into a third year.

“My children have become my coworkers who need snacks every 30 minutes. Let’s hope this is all short-lived,” de Leon jokes. “But it’s been a wonderful blessing to be able to adjust my schedules to match the needs of my family during any given time.”

She is the founder and CEO of Paper Pixel Hearts, a card and stationary company that operates out of her home in Milton, Ontario. It’s been almost a decade in the making, and like many others, it started as a “side gig” she eventually lept into full time. While that came with challenges of self-funding, as well as starting up social media accounts and operations as a one-woman team, it helped her be resilient for anything life throws at her.

Before she founded the company, de Leon was working full time at an office in downtown Toronto in the human resources department. She knew that it wasn’t her passion, but like many who have 9-to-5 jobs, she made it work. Still, the commute alone from her home would take more than three hours both ways, and she longed to find a calling that would allow her to be more creative.