How EnsembleCo Built an Event Series for the Future

2 minute read

EnsembleCO is a live-learning event series for young emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. An Ownr-founded business, EnsembleCO kept the rule book, but rewrote the rules to curate a new kind of speaker series that’s both fun and educational. The five founders, Mike Girgis, Sandy Marshall, Baron Manett, Cathy Landolt, and Andrew Lane share their entrepreneurial tips with Ownr.

Q1: What does it take to launch and run a successful event series?

The first event in a new series is a leap of faith. The three key elements are content, supporters, and audience. All three are dependent on each other, and must come together by the launch date. You also need to create a great experience for your audience from the start, so that they’ll talk about the event afterwards, and come back to a future one. It’s crucial to find partners who agree to your vision and see promise in your plan.

Q2: What did the team focus on to organize the first Ensemble event?

We focused on creating an event that was different from a typical conference, and at the same time, we had to work on b