Ownr Success Story: Jhon Blando, Hobbyist Photographer Turned Entrepreneur

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Jhon Blando picked up a DSLR as a hobby, learned the basics in a high school class, and as soon as business school was over, turned to entrepreneurship. He founded his own photography and filming service called Prime in Lights Media in 2019 with the help of Ownr. Here he shares his tips for amateur photographers, and tells us what’s trending in the world of photography.

Q1: Tell us about your business?

Prime in Lights Media focuses on providing the best experience to our clients at their wedding, engagement, and any family related event with our photography and filming service.

I built this company not just to make a living. It’s is bigger than me. I want to build a team of creatives and give them the opportunity to do what they love the most, and share their talent with the world.

I am wearing many hats at the moment. I am learning about marketing and accounting. I love the idea of building a company from scratch. I love to strategize as to how I can add more value to all the human beings we’ll come across.

Q2: Take us back to the days when your business was just an idea. What was your mindset then?

I grew up with the mindset that life has a fixed blueprint. You go to school, get a degree, find a stable job, and retire at 65. But it all changed for me in 2018 when I finished business school. I was reading tons of non-fiction books on how to build a company. Starting a creative company was not even the first idea that came to my mind, because to me photography was a hobby. But when I shot my cousin’s engagement for free, I realized how fulfilling this role can be.

Q3: What is your approach to stand out from other photography businesses?

We put our clients’ needs first. I know this doesn’t sound new, but I run my creative business as if it were a world-class hospitality company. I focus on creating ways to give the best experience to my clients.

Q4: We see a trend of photojournalism in photography. How big is this market? What should a photography enthusiast know about the industry before getting into business?

I believe there is huge market for photojournalistic images. People love to see photos with natural emotions. They want to remember the moments while that photo was being captured, instead of the countdown of a staged picture.

While it’s important to focus on your technical abilities, I highly suggest that a creative should improve his or her people skills for this business. When you make people around you comfortable during the process, it reflects in the images.

Each photo tells a story, and there is art in the photos that we produce. I believe that this cannot be achieved only through photojournalism. We have to find our own style to present art through photography and film.

Q5: When you’re not shooting, what do you spend your time on?  

When I’m not capturing moments, I invest my time reading non-fiction books. I really believe that learning is a never ending journey, and reading teaches me more ways to serve my clients. I’ve also invested in few resources that are directly related to my business to develop a different perspective on how I should handle the company.

Learn more about Prime in Lights Media:

Website: www.primeinlights.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primeinlights/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/primeinlightsmedia