Entrepreneur Interview: Lee Ellis of Three Star Pet Sitting Services

3 minute read

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine your passion and a business idea to create a stable source of income? Lee Ellis, owner of Three Star Pet Sitting Services in Scarborough, Ontario, has done just that — using her love of and knowledge about animals to open a dog-walking and pet-sitting service. Three Star has been her sole occupation since she opened her doors in 2002.

Getting started

Lee didn’t start out as working with animals. Instead, she spent her early career working in the group health and dental insurance field. Although the work was steady, she says it still felt like … work.

In her off hours, Lee was spending her time caring for a pet cat. After she saw great results from switching her pet to a raw food diet, she started a Yahoo discussion group to provide information and support to other pet owners.

“I don’t remember when the lightbulb went off. At some point, I was doing so much stuff related to cats, I thought — why not make this my job, instead of group health insurance?” Her online support group had more than 3,000 active members and Lee could see the business need for competent animal care when pet owners need additional help.

Taking the leap