Year End Checklist for Small Businesses

3 minute read

Just because Christmas is a distant memory, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on checking your list….we mean your annual business list, that is. The beginning of a new year means you can begin to put the old year behind you and solidify your 2018 plans and goals… and February is definitely not too late to start planning!

So, what should you be prioritizing for 2018? Here are four areas to cover to help you achieve success in the new year.

1. Tax planning

  • 2017 is over — organize last year’s receipts, paid invoices, credit card slips and cancelled checks.
  • Make an appointment to see your accountant, or schedule time to work on your taxes yourself. Dreading it? Use business tax accounting software like Wave, to make it easier.
  • Estimate how much you should take out of your business in 2018 as income. While the individual who prepares your tax can he