Entrepreneur Spotlight: Son of a Woodcutter

2 minute read

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This week’s feature is on Jack and his custom furniture shop, Son of a Woodcutter! This is his story:

Tell us about your business 

We build custom wood furniture from sustainably sourced Ontario Hardwoods.

What made you decide to become a business owner? 

I have lots of hobbies so the flexible schedule is priceless!

What has been your biggest success or earliest win in running your business thus far?

6 years in and I turn around and look at what has evolved from literally nothing, no loans, no crazy risks. Just a steady job for three guys and lots of happy clients!

What has been your biggest challenge in running your business?

As we are currently looking for our 4th space in 6 years, finding suitable space is proving to be very tricky. Industry of all kinds is getting pushed further and further out of the city.