Ownr-Founded GreenerBins Makes Composting Easy

Published On: Nov 2, 2018 | Read time: 5 min | Updated On: Aug 27, 2021 |

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This week’s feature is on Dane, founder of GreenerBins! This is his story:

Tell us about your business 

I created GreenerBins to reduce the amount of food waste being sent to the landfill in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario. There is no municipal food waste pickup locally, so GreenerBins is filling this gap. We provide a weekly organic waste pickup service to homes, schools, and businesses, and then process the waste into useable compost. This compost is eventually distributed back to the community to support local gardening efforts, urban farms, and school gardens. Since our launch in June of 2018, GreenerBins has diverted over 50,000 pounds of food waste from our regional landfill.

What made you decide to become a business owner? 

Entrepreneurship runs in my family; my father owned a renovation business for many years and my mother built a successful tutoring business from the ground up. I always admired their bravery, creativity, and strength, and wanted to start my own enterprise as soon as I could. Meanwhile, I developed a strong passion for environmentalism. I saw so many environmental atrocities all around me and felt hopeless to stop it. Then, one day a light bulb switched on and I thought: “why don’t I combine my love for business with my passion for the environment?” and GreenerBins was born.