Best Places to Register and Renew .ca Domain Names in 2021

Mar 24, 2021
2 minute read

It might not be the first subscription that you think of but you’re probably familiar with the annual subscription fee charged to both register and renew your domain names. While you’re coming up with the best domain name for your business, you should also consider the best place to register Canadian domain names with the .ca extension.

How many registrars are there?

CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, is the governing body managing .ca domain registrations. They work with registrars who provide the ability for you to domains. As of today, there are 180 .ca certified registrars.

Here’s some of the most popular registrars that we are tracking and why you might consider registering with them (all pricing in Canadian dollars):





Added Benefits

  • Free coming soon parking page
  • Free domain forwarding



  • .ca New registrations: $15.66/yr
  • .ca Renewals: $18.27/yr
  • .ca Transfers: $15.66/yr

Added Benefits

  • Free email on your .ca domain for 2 months


Added Benefits

  • Free 1-page website with drag and drop website building
  • Free email on your .ca domain for 3 months



  • .ca New registrations: $10.95/yr
  • .ca Renewals: $18.95/yr
  • .ca Transfers: $10.99/yr

Added Benefits

  • Free Weebly website site builder for 1 year
  • Free 2 business emails with 100MB webmail storage for 3 years

Why would you want a .ca domain name?

Or why not get one of the more popular .com or one of thousands of new extensions out there now? With .com domains being more popular and having been around much longer, it is quite common to find that a name or phrase that closely matches your business is just not available. 

If you’re a Canadian specific business, it’s a great way to communicate to your customer that you are providing products and services specifically to Canadians. It can also be a sign of trust that you have a clear, easy to find, Canadian domain name and ultimately part of building your branding and awareness. That’s really the key, you want to be found and the domain name is just one way that makes it easier for people to find you.

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