6 Ways to Balance Entrepreneurial Ambition with Relationship Goals

5 minute read
An illustration of a man and a woman high fiving

They say you can have two out of three: business success, time off, and high-quality relationships. 
While saying two out of three isn’t bad might make for a great song, it’s unfair (and untrue) in reality. You got into business to give yourself more freedom, not to push yourself into a terrible choice between your success, free time, and relationships. Here are six ways to help balance your entrepreneurial ambition with your relationship goals (in ways that don’t eat up all of your time). 

1. Clarify what kind of relationships you want

Ok, so you want great relationships. But what kind? 

  • Romantic?
  • Friendship?
  • Mentor/mentee?
  • Parents/grandparents? 

There are so many types of healthy relationships out there––it’s not always about finding a spouse or partner. In fact, people have known for years that entrepreneurs with friendships do better than entrepreneurs who try to ride solo. The same goes for entrepreneurs with healthy romantic relationships, but that doesn’t mean you need to rush to the altar anytime soon.

Before worrying about how to balance your relationship goals with your business ambition, first identify what those relationship goals are and realize these goals will change over time as people move in and out of your life.

2. Realize clients can become friends

Just because someone starts off as a client doesn’t mean they can’t become a friend. 

Of course, you will have boundaries as long as you work together in a professional capacity. However, don’t write off a client just because they are a client. 

Instead of compartmentalizing a person based on their role in your life right now, think of each conversation as a chance to grow. That may mean more client work on a professional level, but it could also mean a blossoming friendship.

If you’re concerned about crossing a line, you can hold off on becoming besties and sharing all your secrets. You don’t need to be that level of friend with a client, but you can still get enormous relationship fulfillment and a sense of connection.

3. Identify your non-negotiables

Running a business will take every second you have and every ounce of energy you give it. So if you truly want to balance your business with your rel