Advice from Wave: Five common bookkeeping mistakes

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It’s that time of year again — tax season. It’s painful, to say the least, and like many entrepreneurs, you’re already pressed for time.

As an entrepreneur, you’re the one ultimately responsible for how your business performs. In order to do this well, having line-of-sight into your financials and cash flow is key.

With that in mind, we’ve connected with Wave, an RBC business banking partner and Ownr Perk, to help save you time and prevent you from making these common bookkeeping mistakes. As a wearer of all hats—CFO, CMO, COO, and master of everything—you don’t need to worry because Wave + Ownr have got your back.

Here are five common errors many entrepreneurs overlook when doing their own bookkeeping:

  1. Mixing business and personal
  2. Using accounting software that’s not connected to your banking
  3. Not getting the most out of your accounting software
  4. Hiring a bookkeeper that doesn’t really know your needs
  5. Waiting until the last minute to file taxes

Wave has changed how entrepreneurs make, move, and track money. More than 3.5 million entrepreneurs in more than 200 countries have registered with Wave to improve their profitability, ease stress, and save time.

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