Wild One Wealth on YOLO & Planning For the Future

2 minute read
Founders of Wild One Wealth, Alison and Silvi sitting in front of the logo of their financial education company

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This week’s feature is on Alison and Silvi, owners of Wild One Wealth! This is their story:

Tell us about your business 

Wild One Wealth offers an approachable (even fun!) way to learn about personal finance, through our “Wine and Wealth” events, blogs and coaching. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where learning about a sticky subject (money!) is less intimidating and to help people learn how to enjoy life now while also planning for the future.

What made you decide to become a business owner? 

I kept getting questions from friends and family about how to handle their personal finances. They didn’t want to ask someone who was trying to sell them a product. While away on a trip to Africa, my friend (and now business partner) Alison and I decided that it would be fun to start a venture which helped young people get unbiased financial advice.