New and Improved: the Ownr Blog

New and Improved: the Ownr Blog

Here’s what you can expect from our new blog.

Spring is finally here, and we’re excited to share the new look of the Ownr Blog. We’ve been working hard to create a one-stop hub for entrepreneurs to learn more about starting and growing a business. We want to help you spring into entrepreneurship with all the information and resources you need to feel confident as a business owner.

As opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs evolve, so has our blog. There’s so much to learn on the blog about business registration, taxes, invoicing, branding and marketing, and we’re excited to join you for the ride. For example, every week we feature an entrepreneur’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur to inspire and motivate you. The new design organizes all of this useful content into an easy to navigate layout.

What’s new on the Ownr Blog?

Glad you asked! We’ve created three comprehensive categories to organize our content. You’ll find articles, blogs, and listicles about business structure, registration, and incorporation under ‘Start your business’. We’re excited about  ‘Grow your business’ – with relevant, understandable content on taxes, bookkeeping, productivity and more. We hope to blow your mind, in a good way. Lastly, our favourite ‘Ownr stories’. Here’s a special place featuring the experiences of other entrepreneurs and the story of how they started their businesses. Get your coffee, notepad and get ready to 10x what you can do with their tips and tricks.  

We’ve also added the ability to search Ownr’s Blog to help you find something that will hit the spot. On you can immerse yourself in our informative blogs that cover questions that you (and pretty much every business owner) have about setting up a company. From business plans to business names, email marketing to creating a logo, Ownr’s got your back so you can deep dive into a range of educational content to help you succeed.

The design ethos of the Ownr Blog.

After releasing our upgraded Ownr Blog, we sat down with our in-house product designer,  Soojin Cha and asked her about her design philosophy when redesigning the Ownr Blog.

Soojin Cha, Lead Designer, Ownr

“I always remind myself that every project I work on will be used by someone, and can have an impact. A design’s usability mainly focuses on improving the user’s experience, and helping to solve their pain point. Helping people through initiative design brings me a lot of joy.”

Soojin Cha, Lead Designer, Ownr

Apart from being user-friendly, easy to search and navigate, the new Ownr Blog is also mobile-friendly. “The majority of our readers visit us on their mobile device. We’ve delivered a seamless mobile experience with large target areas for buttons and a mobile navigation menu,” explains Soojin.

Special attention has also been given to improving the accessibility standards of the Ownr Blog. With the new update, Soojin says, “the contrast of text and background including the category tags meet AA* standard of 4.5:1 for contrast. This is as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that define how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.”

The design-intention of the Ownr Blog was based on the belief that the experience of visiting a website is similar to meeting a person.

“Imagine when you meet someone for the first time, you receive certain information about the person based on your first impression. Gradually you learn more about them. When you visit the Ownr Blog, I’d like you to get to know Ownr, and understand why we’re here, and how we can help you succeed.”

Soojin Cha, Lead Designer, Ownr

Design tips for your business website.

All this talk about great web design got us thinking about your business website. We asked Soojin to share her top three design essentials for a business website that converts visitors into customers.

#1. Tell your viewers what your business is about, and make sure it’s above the fold. This is the place visitors first see when they land on your website. And, surprise! Unfortunately majority of visitors won’t scroll through to the bottom of the page.

#2. Your call-to-action (CTA) button must be descriptive. Use terms like “Subscribe” or “Join us – free”, rather than plain-Jane “Click here”.   Action words drive more conversion.

#3. Stick to a simple navigation, and have no more than five categories in your top menu. Use dropdown menus to accommodate additional pages. If people get lost looking for information they want immediately, they’re likely to move to a competitor’s site.

DIY vs. Website Builders

Now what about the pros and cons of using a website builder versus doing it yourself? According to our design expert, it all boils down to how much time and money you’re willing to spend. Here are your top considerations when making this decision.

#1. If you want to set up your website as soon as possible with minimum effort, a templated website builder such as Squarespace or Wix is a good choice. It’s quick and easy, but offers limited options for customization. It’s also more expensive than getting your own server and site.

#2. You should try to build a website yourself if you’re open to learning new technical skills. There’s extensive documentation to read and understand, right from installation to theme-customization.

#3. Another option is to use WordPress, which is a free and open-source content management system. Most server hosting companies offer quick an installation of your WordPress site.

Over 5,500 Canadian businesses have started up with Ownr.

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Terms & Conditions:

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** Business names are submitted to the BC Registry for review which currently takes 3 to 4 weeks. Once name approval has been obtained, it takes 1 business day to process your Statement of Registration Sole Proprietorship.